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    Even a pair of glasses, can be a clever disguise.

    A funny thing happened at Geek Girl Con this year.  The first day I went, as usual, in my Batgirl costume, but the second day I went in civvies.  In real life I wear glasses (I wear contacts for my BG costume).

    I ran into quite a number of people who I’d met multiple times, but only in costume, and it was fun to watch their reactions as they realized who I was.  I think my favorite was Bryan Q. Miller.  I walked up to him and grinned, put one finger on the side of my glasses, and said, “So, did you recognize me?”

    He stared for a moment, then his eyes went wide and he said, “No! I didn’t at all!”

    I laughed and said, “It’s the glasses.”

    It’s kind of fun, having a secret identity. :)

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      A funny thing happened at Geek Girl Con this year. The first day I went, as usual, in my Batgirl costume, but the second...
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