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    So let’s actually look at these images really quickly.

    The top image is, in my understanding, the image of Steph that initially appeared in the online version of Dustin Nguyen’s Li’l Gotham. Notice how her hair color, while somewhat reddish, clearly matches that of the little Aquaman, who is also blonde? It also matches her utility belt and chest Batsymbol, which are also both presumably yellow.  (For comparison, a picture of someone with red hair can be found here: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mcssqrKIgw1qjwszg.png ). If someone photoshopped this, they did a *very* good job. Multiple people have also mentioned remembering seeing the little Steph Batgirl- because this is very clearly Steph’s Batgirl costume- with blonde hair.

    The second image is how she now appears in the online comic. As you can see, her hair is no longer blonde. It also does not quite match the other black-hair tones we see in this; it’s very flat, and looks oddly translucent, such that when I first saw this I actually thought it was part of the wall and that the little girl dressed as Steph had no hair.

    The third image is of my own making. I took the first image, masked it in GIMP, and then desaturated it. I changed literally nothing else. Notice that it now looks almost *exactly* like the second image, to within about a shade.

    It is *extremely* obvious that someone at DC, after this was put up, took Dustin’s work, did exactly the same desaturation trick I did, and then maybe made the hue slightly darker. (I am not convinced they did even that; note the difference in image quality and the resulting slight hue abberation?) No attempt to make it look good was done.

    It’s very clear which of these images is the original vs. the photoshopped one. This kid was blonde. Now she is not. Hell, I’m amazed they didn’t change the purple, too.




    What, Steph is now so toxic that a little kid dressed like her can’t have the same hair color as her?

    Why would they do this? Why?

    I am going to make a prediction.

    You will never see Steph and Cass in a Lil Gotham storyline.  

    Prove me wrong, DC.  I dare you.

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      Cass AND Steph in a DC Comic? That would be one scary Halloween for DC!
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      *nods* Preeeeetty much.
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      *sigh* It’s really just ridiculous at this point. Changing the haircolor of a cameo that most likely wasn’t Steph is...
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      As I’ve said on several occasions, I really don’t care about Steph as a character, but this is some serious bullshit. At...
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      Fuck you, DC…
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      So that was two, three days where we got to hope that Steph was gonna appear in something, right?
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      I really have to wonder what the Powers That Be at DC have against her. Sheesh.
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      OK.. this is something really creepy…. Way much creepy… Didio is sick
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      …basically done with this bullshit.
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